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One of the major benefits of Mirashare is the fact that it is customisable. This means it’s flexible enough to meet the specific requirements of your organisation, giving you better ownership and ultimate control over your EHS data so that you can really feel the benefit of our powerful health and safety management system. Our software is designed to work for a variety of organisational structures, no matter how simple or complex. You can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that your EHS management system is the perfect solution for your business.  

Customisation Features and Benefits

Match your Structure

Your version of our software can be built to fully match the existing structure of your organisation, ensuring you have all the controls and reporting you need.

Configurable Templates

The configurable templates and data reporting forms available with Mirashare mean you can easily create workflow, forms and checklists.

Single Sign-On

The option of single sign-on means you can give your employees access to Mirashare, without the need for a separate password sign-on.

Flexible Modules

Our flexible, modular approach means you can select the modules you need depending on your business requirements. You can also add modules in as you need them, giving you the ultimate control.

Create Your Own Features

Mirashare comes with a range of create-your-own features. You can create your own Audit Templates using question groups and questions, as well as your own Risk Assessment Templates. Alternatively, you can use an existing, purpose-built template which includes COSHH.

Tailored Dashboards

Depending on your reporting needs and KPIs, your dashboard, which will serve as the main hub for all of your EHS management modules, can be tailored to your specific requirements.

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