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Incidents happen, and every one provides an opportunity to drive health and safety improvement – but only if the incident is reported, investigated and recommendations acted upon.

They may be incidents, near misses or unsafe observations. Whatever the incident, with Mirashare:

  • Reporting is simple and available to anyone, with an option to report from our mobile app

  • All relevant information is collected 

  • Immediate actions are in place

  • Investigation teams are assembled 

  • Remedial and corrective actions are initiated

  • Powerful analytics support effective incident management

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Driving health and safety improvement starts with ensuring effective and comprehensive incident reporting.

Mirashare’s incident management software makes reporting an incident simple, intuitive and available to everyone on site – employees and contractors alike.

Our Mirasnap mobile app makes reporting an incident even easier, almost without keying in data. Photos, GPS location and the sender’s identity are all captured, along with voice or sound recordings. It’s a great aid to boost levels of reporting.

The ability to add photos and other files to an incident report means that no detail need be left out of the report. CAPAs – corrective actions and preventative actions are managed and visible.

The data collected allows thorough analysis to identify where the next incidents are likely to occur. 

Mirashare incident management software, along with action tracking, supports and encourages a proactive health and safety culture.

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