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Take full control of your health and safety management with our fully automated EHS management system, Mirashare. Our streamlined software ensures that health and safety in your organisation is under control. It ensures nothing is left undone, taking the pressure off your staff, saving you time and money.

Features & Benefits

Automatic Notifications

Mirashare ensures nothing is forgotten or left unattended, with automatic email notifications that alert the right people at the right time.

Deep Levels of Reporting

Granular reports mean you can delve into deep analysis, with charts generated by just one click. The visual appeal allows you to easily spot trends in your data, improving your health and safety management.

Optimum Control

Our integrated Action Tracking module gives you optimum control so that you can effectively manage the escalation of overdue actions.

Configurable Audit Scoring

Mirashare’s Audit Scoring allows you to score Audit types immediately. This enables you to effectively manage by exception, identifying areas for development and implementing best practice.

Saves Administration Time

You can save admin effort due to recurring audits with our system’s Audit Scheduler. Schedule audits with ease over any period of time.

Increased Awareness

Built-in Risk Assessment Review periods ensure that the right people are always aware of what needs to be reviewed.  With version control in place, you’ll never pick up an out of date Risk Assessment again.

Records Everything

A full and comprehensive Audit Trail is available for every record made. That means that everything is always accessible, and no record can be deleted.

Understand how it can transform the way you manage health and safety, improving your business’s reputation and creating the safest working environment you can.

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