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Audit and inspection plays a key role in ensuring that safe working practices are standardised and maintained. 

Importantly it also allows you to demonstrate internally and externally, to all stakeholders, that you are running an efficient and effective health and safety management system.

Mirashare’s safety audit software standardises and stores all your audit and inspection documentation in one place, easily accessible and fully searchable providing all the management functionality you need.

inspection audit

If you have or are seeking an ISO accreditation or OHSAS 18001 the Audit and Action Tracking modules provide you with a powerful tool to demonstrate that you are documenting your observations, raising corrective actions and getting them implemented and approved.

The auditor can see at a glance that you are in control and are following through on what you say you will do.

  • Highly customisable checklist forms

  • Central capture and storage of all documentation – photos, documents etc.

  • All reports stored in one place

  • Actions identified and managed to resolution

  • Simple and comprehensive reporting

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